A bartender serving a blue martini at a bar that has a liquor license.

Need a Liquor License? Here’s How to Get One

There are liquor licenses designed for every type of establishment from small cafes and nightclubs to large restaurants. Here is what you need to know about the different categories of liquor licenses and the steps involved in obtaining one.

Steps of Service in a Restaurant

Steps of Service in a Restaurant

Customer service in a restaurant is an essential part of the hospitality industry. Communicating with customers, treating them with respect, answering their questions, and catering to their needs will provide

Female hospitality leaders like the one shown pouring a cocktail are paving the way for others in the hospitality industry.

Female Hospitality Leaders Shaping the Industry

The hospitality industry is just one field where women are acting as leaders and working to shape the industry. That is why we are going to take a closer look at five hospitality leaders and the characteristics and skills that help them succeed.