Drive on-premise beverage alcohol sales withperformance data.cocktail insights.

Sixdots is the all-in-one digital menu, ordering and payment platform for bars & restaurants, designed with beverage alcohol suppliers in mind.

For the first time ever, you can access AI-driven consumer insights to optimize your sales strategy.

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Direct-to-consumer brand exposure

Sixdots works with beverage alcohol suppliers to create cocktail programs that help support BARS AND RESTAURANTS.

Cocktail programs generate BRAND AWARENESS in the palm of the customer’s hand, drive sales, and give suppliers access to valuable ON-PREMISE SALES DATA.

Detailed on-premise reports

Sixdots delivers performance metrics and analytics that go beyond POS reporting.


Aggregate FOOD-PAIRING trend insights.


Seasonal and regional CONSUMER INSIGHTS.

Pay for performance

Sixdots helps you optimize your marketing dollars for your TARGET MARKETS.

Cocktail programs are secured in multi-month increments with no cost risk, meaning you pay only when a bar or restaurant opts in to your program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sixdots gives beverage alcohol supplier access to the on-premise sales data they need, to make better decisions for their brands.

Sixdots gives beverage alcohol suppliers access to on-premise cocktail sales data that includes cocktail sales performance, cocktail type and style menu trend insights, cocktail program recipes, and aggregate food-pairing trend insights. With these monthly reports in hand, beverage alcohol brands can better understand their on-premise sales performance.

Sixdots streamlines partnerships for beverage alcohol suppliers with bars and restaurants on cocktail programs.

With Sixdots, beverage alcohol brands can channel their marketing dollars in their target markets. Multi-month cocktail programs have no cost risk, meaning suppliers pay when, and only when, partnered with a bar or restaurant. To learn more about pricing, contact us here.

To get started as a Sixdots supplier and gain access to the on-premise sales insights that can help you make better decisions for your brand, complete the form at this link and we’ll be in touch.


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