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How do I get my restaurant/bar on the Sixdots app?

To have your bar or restaurant on the Sixdots app, reach out to our team at [email protected] Our team can walk you through the application and onboarding process, which is quick and seemless.

Is Sixdots really free for bars and restaurants?

Yes, Sixdots offers a Free-to-Use version that allows bars and restaurants to offset the Sixdots monthly cost by partnering with one of our suppliers on a program.

What if I do not want to partner with a supplier?

If a bar or restaurant is not interested in featuring a cocktail from one of our partner beverage alcohol brands on their menu, then they can opt in to the Fair Flat Fee version, which is $399/month with no additional hidden fees and no revenue share.

Does Sixdots take a percentage of the revenue from the sales we make through them?

Sixdots pledges to take 0% revenue share, no commissions, and no marketplace, delivery, or takeout fees from their merchants.

Will Sixdots integrate with my current POS system?

Sixdots integrates seamlessly with most POS systems. Sixdots can be used independently or with your existing network. If you do not have a POS system, Sixdots has one for you.

How does Sixdots work for bars and restaurants?

Sixdots is an all-in-one software solution that allows merchants to expand their revenue streams while minimizing person-to-person touchpoints. The system uses unique QR codes to allow patrons to access the Sixdots app, where they can order, checkout and pay. The order goes directly to a merchant’s POS system or to Sixdots’ back-of-house software, to be fulfilled by the staff. Thanks to geolocation software, once the guest has downloaded the app once, they do not need to scan the QR code again.

Can I design menus with Sixdots?

Sixdots features a comprehensive menu construction tool that helps merchants design digital menus to best display their products.

What is the Recipe Repository?

Sixdots’ recipe repository allows every menu item or cocktail recipe to be easily accessed, in one place. The tool also offers an effective way to centralize ingredients and product lists, that helps bar and restaurant managers keep track of inventory and place orders.

What is the Cocktail Costing Tool?

With the Sixdots Cocktail Costing tool, you can input the cost of all cocktail ingredients, to calculate cost per serve.

How will customer orders be affected by using mobile ordering?

Merchants that use mobile ordering see average ticket sizes increase by 18% or more!

How much does Sixdots cost my customers?

Nothing! The Sixdots app is completely free to download AND use!

Will my restaurant need to buy new hardware in order to use Sixdots products?

If your POS does not integrate with Sixdots, the only hardware required is a (1) iPad.

Does Sixdots allow my customers to tip me?

Absolutely! You have the option to allow or not allow for tipping at your venue.

Can I make certain items available only at specific times?

This is done directly from your POS system or iPad that updates the Sixdots app in real-time.

Can alcohol be delivered through Sixdots?

Yes, if legal in your area, Sixdots can deliver alcohol.

Can Sixdots reflect Happy Hour price changes on the digital menus?

Yes, you can create various menus and select the times during which each menu should be active.

How can I temporarily deactivate my store and pause orders?

Within the Sixdots web portal, you have the option to deactivate your store or pause orders.


How does Sixdots work for beverage alcohol suppliers?

Sixdots gives beverage alcohol suppliers access to on-premise cocktail sales performance data, when partnering with a bar or restaurant.

What if no bar or restaurant?

Sixdots’ no cure no pay pricing model means that programs are secured in multi-month increments with no cost risk. Simply put, suppliers pay when – and only when – partnering with a bar or restaurant on a program.

What kind of data and insights does Sixdots give beverage alcohol suppliers?

Sixdots gives beverage alcohol brands access to point of sale insights, cocktail performance analytics, and monthly sales metrics.

As a Sixdots partner brand, suppliers will receive:
• Full month performance analytics for each cocktail program
• Full month sales metrics for each cocktail program
• Cocktail type and style menu trend insights
• Cocktail program recipes
• Aggregate food-pairing trend insights.

What is the Overproof App?

The Overproof App powers beverage alcohol field team decision-making using tailored insights.

What is Overproof CPF?

The Commercial Planning Framework combines Overproof’s aggregated data and A-I generated insights with customers’ historic and real-time data to help suppliers make informed decisions when defining their market strategy.


Where can I download Sixdots?

You can download the Sixdots app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Does Sixdots offer contactless delivery?

Absolutely. From in-house deliveries or third-party delivery services, Sixdots offers contactless delivery.

What fees do I pay when ordering through Sixdots?

Sixdots does not charge extra fees. Any fees would accrue from third-party delivery services such as Postmates, UberEats and Door Dash.

Can I use Sixdots for delivery?

Yes! Sixdots is available to use for delivery and offers order tracking and re-ordering capabilities. Sixdots also offers curbside-pickup and takeout ordering.

Can I use the Sixdots app in a bar?

Yes! Sixdots is partnered with multiple bars in different areas.

Who receives the payment?

Sixdots does not take any revenue from the restaurant. All of the money you spend goes to supporting your favorite spots!

Does the Sixdots app remember my location?

Yes. In fact, it remember the last time you visited a location and what you ordered so you can go ahead and order again.

Do I need to download the app to order and pay?

Yes. Unless a bar or restaurant offers contact service, the only want to order and pay would be via app.