Nightclub and Bar Show: What You Should Know

The iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Nevada" sign that attendees will see when they arrive in Vegas for the Nightclub and Bar Show.

The Nightclub and Bar Show is an annual conference that is designed for the bar, restaurant and hospitality industries. While the 2020 Nightclub and Bar Show had to be completely canceled due to COVID-19, this year’s conference will be live and in person at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 28-30, 2021. The conference will showcase speakers, educational exhibits, and other events that are tailored to helping the industry successfully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by sharing proven and practical advice for getting back to business and maximizing profits. They have also added new events including additional educational sessions and Platinum parties. 

2021 Nightclub and Bar Show Offerings

This year, attendees can take advantage of a wide range of events that cover all aspects of opening and managing a business in the bar and restaurant industry. Main offerings include:

  • Food and beverage education: Industry experts will discuss innovative new ingredients, beverage trends, emerging technology, and new equipment.
  • Management discussions: Attendees can participate in workshops where they can learn more about leadership skills, budgeting techniques, operations and kitchen management, restaurant design, and best strategies for a post-pandemic market. 
  • Sales and marketing sessions: These will focus on ways to increase sales, best practices for utilizing social media and investing, how to create profitable menus, strategies for training effective teams, and much more. 

Main Categories

The Nightclub and Bar Show can also be broken down into five main tracks that will be targeted in different ways.

1. The Guest Experience

As we move towards a new normal, guests will still want to feel safe as they begin to venture out to restaurants again. Comfort and sanitation will take a front seat. Sessions will address how businesses can deliver a guest experience that will attract new customers and generate new business for both dine-in and takeout customers.

2. Food and Beverage

During the pandemic, many businesses had to cut down on their menu offerings. Culinary experts will be offering valuable insights on ways to continue to create menus that help reduce overhead costs while also standing out from the competition. Workshops will also discuss ways to stay lean without sacrificing creativity and the latest beverage trends that can be leveraged to increase profits.

3. Operations

While this might not be the flashiest area to discuss, it is foundational to being able to enjoy profits and expansion. In fact, savvy financial strategies helped many businesses survive the pandemic. Attendees will learn how to run their businesses more efficiently and get operations under control in order to thrive in a challenging industry.

4. Staff and People

This track focuses on how to attract, train and retain the best talent. Topics will range from employee wellness to how to create a better company culture.

5. Marketing and Promotions

Standing out in a crowded and competitive field is a true challenge. Learn how to create effective messaging, develop an online presence, create a loyalty program, develop an email marketing strategy, improve advertising and public relations, and much more. 

Exhibiting at the 2021 Nightclub and Bar Show

For business owners, the conference offers a great opportunity for exposure and promotion. The event will be packed with decision-makers who are looking for new products and services. Before you sign up for an exhibition space, be sure to review the current floorplan and booth list. You may want to avoid setting up close to one of your competitors. Whether you would like to be a sponsor or exhibitor, the final step is to complete the Exhibitor & Sponsorship Inquiry Form. Once that has been submitted, a representative from the conference will be in touch. 

The 2021 Nightclub and Bar Show is a great opportunity for the industry to come together and share ideas. Participants will receive valuable education on a variety of important topics. Hopefully, this year’s gathering will provide the industry with the boost it needs to recover from a tough year and move forward with more success than ever.  


What is the Nightclub and Bar Show?

It is a conference that focuses on providing educational workshops, events, and exhibits for professionals in the bar, restaurant, and hospitality industry.

When is the Nightclub and Bar Show 2021?

The show will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 28-20, 2021.

Is Nightclub and Bar Show a live, in-person event this year? 

Yes, the show will be hosting attendees live at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

How do you become an exhibitor at the Nightclub and Bar Show?

You can start by visiting the NBC website and taking a look at the floor plan. Next, fill out the Exhibitor & Sponsorship Inquiry Form.

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