Delivery Dudes for Restaurants vs Sixdots for Restaurants

A man in a red jacket on a bicycle with a delivery box on his back making his rounds for Delivery Dudes for restaurants.

It’s hard to know where to turn for the best food delivery service. There are plenty of options available. Although the pandemic has brought lots of business to the market, customers and restaurants are starting to get wary of paying too much for the service.  For one point of comparison, let’s take a look at how Delivery Dudes measures up against Sixdots. 

Delivery Dudes for restaurants

Mainly located in South Florida, Delivery Dudes is in small and medium-sized markets in over fifty cities. Founded in 2009, they embrace the ‘dude’ ethos in their branding. 

One interesting distinction with Delivery Dudes is that you don’t pay in advance. You can pay the driver for your delivery. Unfortunately, you’ll be paying them some hefty delivery fees. It’s $5 if paying the delivery charge in cash and $7 if paid by card (not including tip). Note that their website vaguely says “Delivery Dudes has a dynamic delivery fees structure with pricing as low as $1.99. The fee ranges depending on how far the restaurant is, along with the relationship we have with the restaurant.”

According to their website, Delivery Dude drivers earn between $15 and $20 an hour. However, a lawsuit in 2017 claims that their drivers make closer to $0.50 to $0.75 an hour. 

Delivery Dudes does deliver alcohol via the Dudes Liquor service. They also offer Dudes Bodega: a delivery service for “groceries, alcohol, prescription medication, anything you want”.

Sixdots for restaurants

Sixdots was created by Overproof in 2020. It was specifically designed to help with the industry’s plight during COVID. 

Unlike Delivery Dudes, Sixdots is more of a comprehensive restaurant technology system than simply a delivery service (but it is that, too). It includes an online ordering system for restaurants, data-driven supplier programming, and sales analytics management among other services. Its ease of connection to existing restaurant technology makes it a seamless addition to your business. Restaurant technology is evolving and Sixdots look ready to adapt to it. And they allow for delivery of alcohol. 

Another important thing to note is that Sixdots takes no revenue share and there are no hidden fees. Businesses can try it without obligation for three months and can offset the entire cost when partnering with Sixdots’ beverage alcohol suppliers.

The bottom line: Sixdots or Delivery Dudes?

It’s no secret that most delivery services take a big chunk out of a restaurant’s profits. Sixdots simply can’t be beat on the bottom line. By taking no revenue share and having no hidden fees, Sixdots easily beats the high fees of Delivery Dudes. That, plus all the features of the Sixdots system connected to you POS put it in a class by itself. 


How much do Delivery Dudes make? 

Delivery Dudes make on average $15 per hour. However, there have been lawsuits against the company saying that drivers have been making as little as 50 to 75 cents per delivery.

Do restaurants pay delivery services? 

Yes, most delivery services do charge restaurants. This commission is usually anywhere from 15 to 30% of each order.

How much do Delivery Dudes charge? 

Their delivery fee is $5 if paying in cash, $7 if by card.

Does Delivery Dudes deliver alcohol? 

Yes, via their Dudes Liquor service which delivers alcohol and other supplies. 

What is the best delivery service for restaurants?

Sixdots wins by far with the lowest possible fees and services that extend beyond simple delivery.

What is Sixdots? 

Sixdots is an all-in-one restaurant technology system that includes delivery, tableside ordering, online ordering, integration with suppliers, and sales analytics among other features.

How does Sixdots work for restaurants?

Sixdots includes a number of services that make restaurants work smarter and more efficiently. These include sales and feedback data analytics, menu builders, online and on-premise digital menus among others. Sixdots integrates directly with your POS without needing additional hardware. 

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