Bite Squad for Restaurants vs Sixdots for Restaurants

A man in a suit holding a burger and smiling after ordering from Sixdots instead of Bite Squad for restaurants.

The race is on to find the best restaurant delivery service. The market was getting full before COVID with options like GrubHub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats. Bite Squad is one of the lesser-known contenders to enter this packed market. Let’s see how they stack up against Sixdots.

In this corner: Bite Squad for restaurants

Like most delivery services, Bite Squad lets you place a food order through its website or app that is then delivered through their drivers. The restaurants they work with are given iPads for managing the orders. Carryout, curbside pickup, and dine-in options are done in partnerships with Waitr. 

There’s one key feature that separates this delivery service from the others: they employ their drivers themselves, instead of hiring contractors. This allows the company to have a bit more control over quality and branding. However, this comes at a cost. They charge some of the highest delivery fees on the market: 25 to 35% of each order depending on fees. Although a number of services offered special deals and reduced rates due to the pandemic, Bite Squad did not. 

Sixdots: The reigning champ

Sixdots is an all-in-one restaurant technology system. This includes an online ordering system for restaurants, data-driven supplier programming, and sales analytics management among other things. Businesses and customers are expecting more and more technological innovations to improve the restaurant experience. The all-in-one model of Sixdots means it’s primed to easily adapt to new technology seamlessly. Also of note: both services allow for delivery of alcohol. 

The biggest plus with Sixdots is the cost: they take no revenue share and there are no hidden fees. Bars and restaurants can try it without obligation for three months and can offset the entire cost when partnering with Sixdots’ beverage alcohol suppliers.

The winner: Sixdots for restaurants or Bite Squad for restaurants?

Sixdots could win on convenience alone, but throw in the cost difference and there’s no question. A big strike against Bite Squad are their fees, ranked as some of the highest in the marketplace. In this battle, advantage: Sixdots.


How much does Bite Squad charge for delivery?

While there is no fee for joining, the fee per order starts at $2.99. Unlimited deliveries are available for $5.99 per month.

How do Bite Squad drivers get paid?

Their drivers are employed by the company rather than being third-party contractors. The average rate is about $15 per hour with a span from $11 to $18 hour.

How does Bite Squad work for restaurants? 

Restaurants are given an iPad to use for managing orders. Customers then make orders either through their website or app.

How much does Bite Squad cost? 

The service takes a 30% commission fee, although some restaurants have noted that this fluctuates between 25 and 35% depending on fees. 

Where is Bite Squad available? 

The delivery service is currently available in 700 cities in 17 states.

What is Sixdots? 

Sixdots is an all-in-one restaurant technology system that includes online ordering, integration with suppliers, and sales analytics. 

How does Sixdots work for restaurants?

Sixdots includes a number of services that make restaurants work smarter and more efficiently. These include sales and feedback data analytics, menu builders, online and on-premise digital menus among others. Having them all within one digital ecosystem makes them that much more useful.

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